Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Blog Link

This is the new blog where I'll be posting current and future progress
on this semesters Artwork & Animation. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Adv. Characters and Environments

Beginning of Evart
I began with the front pose of Evart and quickly got into color, and expressions trying to understand his character a bit more. His original sketches were a bit more bubbly, but i settled on this. He's a bit more realistic in proportions but I left his pants round and flowy.

Sketch Progress
At this point I've sketched everything and am trying to fill in the color and details. I left my sketches loose knowing I am going to paint over them and in Evart's case, make a cleaner line.

Finished Concept Evart/Edda

Here is the finished concept for both my main characters, Evart and Edda. Edda is a Naga creature, with human torso and arms with a serpentine tail and shoulders up.

Silhouette Lineup - Main characters
This is the start of my silhouette development. I knew I wanted a parental figure for Evart so I designed his grandmother. (4th from the left) He also has a twin sister. (3rd from the left) Edda, being a child for the time being needed something to contrast with of her own race. The last figure is an adult male naga. I will continue working to design the female part of the race and other human forms that might accompany Evart.

Water Vehicle Ideas
Since this is a class, I have to design a vehicle my characters can interact with. My thinking was that most of the adventure takes place underwater, so I designed a sub transport. It only has headlights, no special weapons. That feature I was thinking of at the time was speed. The vehicle can propel itself through the water at quick speeds. 

Vehicle Progress
Here I've done a perspective shot and began shading it. For the most part, it's a bubble sphere.

Beginning Environments - Underwater
The beginning of environments. My favorite part. I started with the underwater environments because it's something I haven't done before. I'm excited to paint them out and create a world for my characters.

With these first 3 I've depicted from left to right; 
1) a long shot of the beginning of a kelp forest and far in the background is the shadow or a Naga
2) a crafted cell to entrap any prey the Naga obtain (my thinking was that if they want them alive, they have special breathing masks to place on their hostages)
3) and last is an upward shot toward the surface as a couple Naga swim by.